Take in the Whole, then re-member, reader/viewer, remember the sensations you have viewing the image, reading the poem, and the more popular format of adventure/fantasy fiction that will follow in this Fall Series.  Then let your unconscious re-member it-  Re-compose image, poem, history to tell its real story, to have its real effect on you!  (From titillation to tragedy, the human heart rages, raves and roves in its search for true identity and peace.)


Please find the full 10 posts, 2011 FALL SERIES, September through December- including the novella, Deadly Translations- that begins with this image at:

***7.   Strider (Dragon Painting II) Oil on Canvas 5’ x 4’
Amorphic color and space in counterpoint relationship with hardedge, linear and geometric embellishments- It’s about the relationship between the general context of being and specific experience as open and luminous.

The title, "Strider", is from the ‘motion’ of this nature painting that reminds me of the movement of a Water Strider...Yet, as well, the painting still suggests a more cosmic ambience.

 The ‘dragon’ theme in these works is a reference to nature and our metaphysical, technological relationships with nature...

The Reverend Stephen Frost PhD  

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