Find below 3 blogs from the past.  My CS task of late is to edit past blogs by the Rev. Frost Phd as a legacy body of works- an ongoing (Nepsis) summation.  I'm on page 3 of 4 listing more than 80 blog presentations since 5 years.  A tedious task, there are still many occasions when I am once again inspired by what I find reported in these works.  

This is what I hope for all of us in the New Year 2017:  

Inspiration, 10,000 Blessings and kind regard...



...Take in the Whole, then re-member, reader/viewer, remember the sensations you have viewing the images, reading the poems, and the more popular format of adventure/fantasy fiction...  Then let your unconscious re-member it-  Re-compose image, poem, history to tell its real story, to have its real effect on you!  (From titillation to tragedy, the human heart rages, raves and roves in its search for true identity and peace.)


*7.   Strider (Dragon Painting II) Oil on Canvas 5’ x 4’

Amorphic color and space in counterpoint relationship with hardedge, linear and geometric embellishments- It’s about the relationship between the general context of being and specific experience as open and luminous.

The title, "Strider", is from the ‘motion’ of this nature painting that reminds me of the movement of a Water Strider...Yet, as well, the painting still suggests a more cosmic ambience.

 The ‘dragon’ theme in these works is a reference to nature and considers our metaphysical, technological relationships with nature...



#2.  CONTENT OF EMPTINESS: 02.21.2012

 Blithe Hermit
Acrylic on Canvas, 2003
Memories of the desert approaching Blithe, California, from the west- its green alfalfa fields and the Colorado River after 100 miles of wonderfully empty, parched landscapes...  (Extended caption below.)*

LENT 2012:  


Around here, in this monastery (CID), ‘prayer’ is the advice for just about every situation.  I agree generally, with this caveat:  It’s not just those feeble utterances recorded in books, but the full expanse and grandeur of what is possible for the human soul- as supple as the kindest moment, as large as the universe- all creation.  Some will tell you that we are less than fly-specs on a pane of glass.  We are so tiny by comparison that we pale to insignificance.  Tell that to atoms split in nuclear fission.  Here, size truly is not the primary issue.  Quality is everything.

You will remember early in November I put out a poem, "Emptiness."  In that poem, I propose that when we feel empty in a negative way, it’s really that we are filled with things we don’t want- angst and loneliness, for example.  True emptiness is a shedding of extraneous topics that command our attention normally.  It’s letting the dust settle in the River’s stream of sentience until our true topics reveal themselves.  This may vary from life to life.  But there is also a common core of ineffable identity we all share.  True spiritual emptiness is empty of everything, but this original self- operative in, animating, the push and pull of daily life.

Two terms from the Western Traditions that identify this state and the processes that allow it:  

CATHARSIS:  Christ on the Cross- the end of a process, to become empty of self, i.e., selfishness...

KENOSIS: I’d like to emphasize here rather than the end of a process, the result of the process, i.e.,  Resurrection.  Free of delusion.  One with Godhead...  

(Catholic Encylopedia, kenosis:  A term derived from the discussion as to the real meaning of Phil. 2:6: "Who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But emptied [ekenosen] himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men, and in habit found as man.")

GET USED TO NOT GETTING STROKED, Egotism shrinks to something real... Some say, the Spirit comes along when one least expects itwhen one is looking the other way.  Like electricity or the wind, it’s known by its effects.

CAN’T BE RECOGNIZED AT THE TIME- Often because such is always freshly new, though recognizable after perhaps-  Because we think sequentially.  But the Spirit is always One, Atemporal, the Same, Always New-  Lightfulness.  We get glimpses until we’ve engaged fully and are transformed in a Union of Matter and Spirit:  the Beatific Vision.

IS REMEMBERED- OR NOT- Real spiritual experience is common, though usually soon forgotten, is remembered often enough to acknowledge that we face, we share, we contain something wonderfully inexplicable.  The Divine Spirit, the Ineffable, the Holy.  

Often it’s what’s left after onerous trial, or chosen practice, when everything else that usually seems so important shrinks to its proper proportion-  What’s left to ‘shine through’ (epiphany) is the divine category:  peace, mercy, patience, kindness, open clarity, self-less compassion... (Selfless because ‘self’ like its Origin is undetermined and without definition.)  I’m of the opinion that these are divine characteristics.  When we experience these, as giver or recipient, we are within the Vales of Paradise. But one does not have to believe that to experience it.  It is the core of human identity.  Theologize as you prefer.  (Ritual, Sacraments, Art in general, are topics for another time.)  All of this treats how the human body/mind/ and culture treat these topics and does not comment upon or limit or pretend to speak for the Divine Milieu in any way.

To obtain to these states of prayer or meditation in preparation for the Mystery Drama of Holy Week is the advantage and delight of Lent.  

From such ‘emptiness,’ 
impossible goodness 
is possible...


* Painting #153 as part of a larger series.  SPIRIT OF DARK MATTER 7: More faintly, but still implied here is a conjuring of dark spirits. Not evil, per se. Rather, here we engage the Spirit of Dark Matter. An important influence in my studies has been the 'Genius Loci,' the Spirit of Place(s), and through that the engorged idea of a World Spirit or Soul. Here is something more than a rational extrapolation that posits ‘if places and objects are animated by some kind of spiritual presence or incarnation, then Dark Matter also might share such vitality.’ Here is recounted an encounter with such or other entities from a vast universe as they might be perceived through the vales of human perception...


For Alan Mootnick,
Born to the Lights of this World in 1951, Returned
To the Bosom of Abraham November 5, 2011

Hard to impossible-


To imagine

Can’t really.

Even deep, empty space

hides ‘dark energy’ and other things

Hardly empty.

Even when we are feeling empty

It means we are full of what we don’t want.

Feelings, images, ideas, sensations

Who is empty.

We get metaphor and paradox:

The Great Fecund Void

I can paint an abundance of ‘nothing’

Then frame it with preferences, culture and references

Glass it over with power and politics


Devotion, ...ologies of every stripe


Wrap it and

Send it with the

Features of


Beautiful Things, sometimes

Silence is best

Snow flakes falling on snow

No big wind

No horizon

A flock of garnering quail explode-


From wet ground.


Fr. Steve Frost, November 5, 2011
Chama Canyon, New Mexico






Sacrifice means " make sacred."  Though, often it's associated with giving up something.  Giving up something might be part of it, but the larger task is PRAYER in which our lives are joined in a Divine Communion.  SACRIFICE IS THE HEART AND CHARACTER OF PRAYER.

Our Sacrifice must be such that it pierces the dimensions of being and brings forth life from a barren womb, or 
otherwise impossible goodness from barren lives of celibacy, for example.   THIS IS THE HEART OF SACRED SCRIPTURE.

  "Rorate Coeli de super, et nubes pluant justum." "Ye heavens, drop down dew from above, and let the clouds rain down the Just One." And : "Aperiatur terra et germinet Salvatorum” and "Let the earth open and bud forth the Savior."

Short of that, at least we can be kind to one another.

Rather than praying 'for' somebody or something, which is a primitive form of prayer, an attempt to get something, often donations- its hardly 'friendship with God' but could classify as a kind of religious magic.  Rather, let's pray 'with' one another in communion with the Divine Spirit- together in the 'divine milieu.'  Then the One who knows our needs before we ask will provide what we need without a lot of melodramatic posturing.  (Sincere prayers of need will always be heard...)

God is the source and model of PERSON (personhood).  I.e., one is as ineffable as one's Origin.  And the Christ asked us to be 'friends.'  But any relationship with the Divine Person is going to be uneven except in the realm of the ineffable Spirit where measures do not matter.  So, one may say that 'Jesus is my friend.'  But those are just words- of comfort to some.  One can still have faith in the value of one's life.



Here's the visual: Sit or stand somewhere where you won't be disturbed.   Imagine yourself in a circle of white.  Like a chalk circle on the ground.  In your mind's eye turn the white circle into a circle of light.  White light. Say whatever prayers of security and invocation that you prefer.  Then slowly reverently raise the circle of light around yourself into a column.  Strengthen this column of white light to a substantial thickness.  Believe that this barrier would withstand the forces of destruction at the end of time.   It's white light is that powerful.  Allow it to be blessed by the Holy Spirit.  That of course is the source of the light.  But in your body, and this will seem contradictory, the source is around the base of your spine. From those energy sources you can imagine this same light emmanating from the mystical central nervous system that emanates from one's physical body.

However, for the time being lets focus on this exterior column.  This light column is completely permeable to love.  But contrary energies will be repulsed.  The exterior column has two more  interesting but also contradictory characteristics.  One is that its outer surface is reflective and thus scares away bad things.  Second is that the outer surface is invisible.  Bad things will not see it and thus not know why they are scared away.

Since we are dealing with primal energy, for you the experience will be a gentle sense of expansion and hopefully energized grace.  You will, I expect, find this familiar.  

Start with this visual meditation/prayer for 5 or 10 minutes at a time.  If you like it, after a while you may increase the time without harm.  Once this imaging becomes second nature, practice it at any free, safe moment-- especially when kept waiting!

Blessing, prayer and kind regard,


Post Note:
Some of you familiar with my earlier writings will recognize this visual aid, the white circle, as that which saved us from INDIAN WITCHES  in India and California.

 See Nepsis Foundation site map:

CYCLE I, (Letter to a Bishop),  in the Nepsis Foundation and the Oracle of Xilbalba, end of Chapter 5, page 75.

***#[47]  “Brainfield"
Mixed Media 7' x 4' 1988
This painting also harkens back to paintings #[1-13] in some of its formal aesthetic values.   (  As well, this is a sculptural painting in a series of large partitions meant to operate on two levels: 1. It represents a means of passage between two worlds, and 2. It is a spiritually or psychically catalytic object aiding in that passage. It helps effect that shift of consciousness to a specific category of ‘other’ states. (Tibetan mandalas are highly nuanced ‘maps’ of human perception from a Buddhist worldview and an influence here thematically.)



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