From Cathedral City California- 115 degrees Fahrenheit by Tea!

A New Creation

Stones, tumbling down a slope
Do not describe an avalanche that carries away 
The face of a mountain.

That is, 'all be it,' what has happened 
First a few stones, now
A new geography

What a stage
What an opportunity

Unforgiving light
 and night of sweet caress
a summer’s night

Fierce flowers teaching-
I started a barefoot disciple-
(I resisted in school a less subtle lesson- 
have a high degree, and expertise- matriculation in resistance)

(…though succumbed perennially to the charms of ‘good people’ 
and the genies of what we’ve done!) and the challenge…

I can still smell the gourd vines’ harsh defensive leaves, pale sage green, not too pale
spreading across summer sands where nothing else wanted to establish.

That’s where Sagrada Datura took root as well 
protected amidst these vines and hot sand.  
White trumpet flowers of delicate fuchsia tints, above yellow gold funnels of gourd flowers between great globe weeds 
willing to tumble in ecstasy 
at even a breeze.  

Beyond Han Shan, behind the mountain, a luminous land.

June 23, 2015