NEW: THREE PAINTINGS, TWO POEMS- and two old portraits

 FALL '14- 1

Tomorrow is waiting…

I. Tomorrow is waiting-

Will it be a playful kitten

or ravening beast-

A life and death cycle of dragons

or meandering stream?

II. Remember God made the world from Himself- there was only Itself.

From that first sacrifice, our moment is still animated by simple, ineffable Godhead-  We as ineffable as the Original Sacrifice, since our very effable material nature cannot have being without its ineffable spirit.

III. I remember 
a moment when I was four
I pretended I
could read!

Because that’s what  my elders
were able to do.

Actually, I just remembered the Golden Book text that my elders
read to me over and over.  There were only three or four words large print words 
to a page about the Seven Dwarfs mining diamonds.


the mountains and the cloud-
the dirt itself, vibrate to the presence of light- is thus made.

All else is illusion and shadow- and fades…

Steve Frost  12.7.’14



Are you floating away- a balloon liberated from a kid’s party?

A leaf floating away on a rapid stream?

A boulder tumbles down a mountain-  Not back up.

A snowflake melting in one's hand, doesn't return to the cloud


Mercury goes up in a thermometer, but then it goes back down.

A fallen leaf becomes mulch and grows a tree.

Melted snow becomes rain, freezes and falls as snow again.

Boulders become gravel then sand- settle to the ocean floor- ocean dries up, sand hardens- earthquakes and rising/falling/shifting of continents makes mountains out of them

So, as you see, all is well

I am the Ocean!  I compose, destroy and return.  I am heat and cold.  And Heat.

Where is there to go?

Steve  Frost




Inline image 1

​CHRIST IN THE DESERT CHAPEL- I found it hard to breath at those altitudes...