"Fall, 2014"
 Acrylic on Canvas 2' x 2' -Green River, Utah.

I'm showing this recent painting to you again because it displays an emotion I thought worth noting this morning.  I was told when I was younger that if I found a good place and stayed there, I would do well.  I have found many good places.  I didn't stay anywhere more than a few years after leaving home in the country north of L.A. -(where I was the object of affection from the local 'genius loci!')  It was hard to leave that place and its 'personality.' I did at 20 years, and have lived many places since.  

I'm in a new place now.  A beautiful place this time of year.  But its new and somehow again, an alien place now at the beginning.  So I wondered this morning about where I started, where I've been- and found a clue in looking at this painting I made last fall.

The composition of this work seems to be missing something.  But its absence is the topic of the painting.  Some invisible force swirls the various elements in the painting through an environment of ineffable meaning.   In Western Asceticism and AsianYoga- in prayer and meditation- one does something unusual with the normal elements of life.  Often that is to leave out something important:  food, sleep, comfort, marriage and so on.   Or, to organize the elements of life differently to some particular effect: Why? To uncover the truth, or truths about our natures. Our situations and experience. About Creation.  Like this painting, an important element seems missing.  For some reason we keep that covered up.  We create whole civilizations, businesses, religions, charities with all sorts of justifications like necessity or security, compassion- but 'who' are we really helping?   The elusive 'reason for being' evades us.  Or life just happens to us and we glean what we can about its ineffable justifications.

In meditation, in all its myriad forms, one's focus is exactly this ineffable influence, justification, creativity, stillness, empty silence -as one is awash in meaning- and stable; "at home," everywhere.  

Peace and blessings,  

Fr. Steve Frost