Thanksgiving 2014 and 8[6]!!!!

I've been showing you parts, or 'details,' of this painting for several weeks.  That's so you may know better what goes into and what can be found in these paintings. I started this one in 1974, repainted parts of it three times since- the most recent this year, 2014, successfully ignited the whole 6 ft x 2.5 ft surface with several small additions to the center of the painting.  You can compare it to earlier versions online.  

The theme is indicated by the open areas of color and texture counterpointed against hard edge embellishments- Nature, the Absolute compared to the hard edge details of our lives.  It foreshadows my interests in Religion as it commences an exploration of Religious Studies/Experience with Art as a major vehicle of research and theological development.

Oil on Canvas 6’ x 2.5’ 1974-2014.

Happy Thanksgiving, One and All- a day when national interests and Catholic liturgy acknowledge one another, though perhaps anonymously- The Spirit is there.  Have a safe, peaceful, satisfying day.