3 NEW PAINTINGS + Flower Wars and Flower Wars Concluded + Last Week's NEW POEM!



"Before we are male and female, we are Intimacy and Grandure."

12" X 12" Acrylic on Canvas 02/2017


Flower Wars and Flower Wars Concluded:

Frost painting series, "Flower Wars" and "Flower Wars Continued" are about nature and strategies for survival.  (See below.)  

These beat the drum of my now-ancient concern about destruction of Creation by over-population and greed for short-term profits.  

Salvation is inherent in Creation.

A recent example: 'THE ALGAE THAT could cure blindness doesn’t see, technically. Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii are simple, single-cell green algae... They have a round body, two whip-like tails, and a single primitive eyespot that they use to seek out sunlight for photosynthesis. Like human eyes, though, that eyespot makes use of light-sensitive proteins. One of them is called Channelrhodopsin-2, and it’s this algal protein, transplanted into the human retina, that can restore sight to the blind...'  

So much is lost when we destroy the environment- not just pretty scenes.

Salvation is inherent in Creation.  

Science allows its discovery.  Radical Capitalism, like Radical Communism and Radical Religion destroy it all-   

For instance, the Iron Age insight in Genesis 'to be fruitful and multiply' is about an under-populated world and does not apply to our age as the battle for resources intensifies.  Like most sacred scriptures the quote above from Genesis describes what locally inspired poets knew of their worlds. 

But not Science alone either- Better the wisdoms in the genius of each age. 




NEW POEM- 02/2016- 

KNOWLEDGE/Spirit and Matter

Knowledge is filtered through gravel, stickers, -clear skies and open-space of infancy run barefoot

-grows through Ariel visions- vast cloud dragons sky high

and Grace- shifts

of slate and mist...

Knowledge is filtered 

by wild soft grasses, and short lived flowers

California memories fading in 

other peoples’ seasons

lapping against my shore

riparian delights and sore ripping

tops and tables laps and fables-

Propel me to the future

Before we are male or female 

we are only 

intimacy and grandure.

Steve Frost
February  14, 2016
Cat City, California


"Flower Wars" and "Flower Wars Continued"