THREE WORKS Summer/Fall 2014

September 5, 2014

Security, Nourishment, Fellowship loom large, but mostly as distractions to the essential issue of birth and death.  We don't ask for either, usually.  After the first, the second is Mother to all other topics- especially the poignancy of Love and Beauty.  

When someone dear to me died, a good, wise counselor said "Death is our friend."  It didn't feel like it at the time, so I rather selfishly said, "Death may be our friend, but its not the friend of our friends!"  -having just lost mine.

According to some Monks and Yogis, death should always be kept before you.  One can entertain some very powerful states of consciousness that are described with terms like the 'void' or 'emptiness.' In such states one seems to transcend the frontier identified as Death- It being just another phantasm or phenomenon. 

The capacity to perceive, Consciousness itself, remains untouched by any of this.  We might go on (endlessly it seems) about topics like goodness, truth and beauty.  But the one issue that remains ineffable is Consciousness- A constant participation of the Divine in Creation.

Felix Culpa
Reverend Stephen Frost PhD  



We are more like water

Than a mirror

Refract more than

We get it wrong about the big things, 

God and the Universe

again and again—

Too big, can’t see, wrong data, missed emotion, wrong method,

Craft and Science get the facts straight,
But for important things
Need a means to read refracted vision

need our full capacities to flow

To find our fill
In canyon, wash and rill

In flash and flood, pools still
Scripture, poetry, image, ideas, will emote-


Wash us to our depths

that in waking, we might say

‘Good Morning’ 

to God!

Steve Frost
September 15, 201



Dear Friends,

Here, after the conclusion of the Nepsis Project, which has been much of my life's work to this point, I find that certain essential elements present themselves to me with increasingly clarified character. Most of these are contained in the works listed on the site as POINTS OF ENTRY or as listed below.  

However small, these last, highly distilled drops might provide the most direct entry to the mysteries of God, Self, and World as explored in the Nepsis Foundation.  I've sent out early drafts of 2 works recently for the usual advantages of communion with you.  Though there are lines in these poems that in the past would not have left my desk.  But there were also such distilled ideas therein that I was excited to share.  Two recent, whose origin I do not claim but I feel to be important, are:  

1. Human perception, consciousness, realized as something divine, ineffable and untouched by the temporal.  This seems to me a simple observation anyone might have of one's inner life.  It does not require huge institutions or advanced degrees.  Yet it  'sings hymns at Heaven's gate.'  

2. The nature human perception over all- mistakes, breakthroughs, virtues and sins, taken together are like water refracting light.  (I don't mean 'fracking' as a means of squeezing more carbon energy from the earth, or as it is used in the TV series, Battlestar Galactica, as some have commented.)  But 're-fracking' as a symbol for how human perception makes big impressive mistakes, has great, beautiful insights and wouldn't it be great if we developed an evaluation that takes that into consideration.  This, rather than depending too much on various capacities like logic, magic, intuition or other emotions.  

When neither the promise of progress nor the blooded hearts of altruism seem quite enough to meet he challenge, some ideas that are so simple can pierce dimensions of Being, even dive to the core of its two faced mask, life and death.  

I've depended upon your support and comments for many years and now all the more for these final fruits of the long Nepsis quest .This is especially true for you who claim a once and/or future intellectual discipline.  Though a clean heart produces some of the best insights. 

Whatever, I still welcome your thoughts about these last topics as they continue to coalesce.  I am reminded of this advice: 'Be kind to strangers, for the sake of kindly relations certainly, but also, one might be entertaining Angels unaware.'  You always surprise and delight me.  

These, the site's front page and its various introductions, forewords, and prefaces sum up the thrust of this work over 40 years. All the best,